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The day it rained squirrels and snakes

Sometimes, there’s a story that’s too good not to be told. However, for whatever reason, there’s no teller for this tale because the cat got ... Read more

4 days ago by Jaine Treadwell.

On cheating, trust and prosperity

The Houston Astros played at the Los Angeles Dodgers last weekend for the first time since revelation of Houston’s sign-stealing during their 2017 championship season. Read more

4 days ago by Dan Sutter.

Don’t blame latest fires on global warming

Lots of people in politics and the media out here in California are blaming global warming for the 26 major wildfires that have killed at ... Read more

4 days ago by Submitted Article.

Be sure to take care of your own health

It’s important to monitor your own health while taking care of others. Read more

7 days ago by Submitted Article.

The presidential race is underway

Now that the national political party conventions are over and the nominees have been coronated, the battle royale for the White House is in full ... Read more

7 days ago by Steve Flowers.

Taking turns: A hard lesson learned

In my child’s heart, all I wanted was a horse. A horse of my own. Read more

3 weeks ago by Jaine Treadwell.

Same story, different day

The police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha just months after the death of George Floyd sparked new protests. Read more

3 weeks ago by Submitted Article.

Take time to reflect on Labor Day

Labor Day is upcoming on Monday.  In bygone days it was the benchmark day for campaign season to start. Read more

3 weeks ago by Steve Flowers.

More thoughts on the GOP primary

It has been a month since our mid-July GOP runoffs for the U.S. Senate and two open Congressional seats.  Since then, numerous publications as well ... Read more

1 month ago by Steve Flowers.

Memories of Maybell and me

My car had the hiccups so I took her – Billie Sunday – to the car doctor. Read more

1 month ago by Jaine Treadwell.

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