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What will future hold for movie theaters?

The past few months have been absolutely brutal for the movie industry. Read more

11 months ago by Jacob Holmes.

Buckle up, it could save your life

Driving down the highway the other day, I saw a billboard pushing the well-known “Click it or ticket” campaign run by the Alabama Department of ... Read more

3 years ago by Jacob Holmes.

My first meeting with Neal Brown

I still remember the day that I met Neal Brown. It didn’t go the way you might be expecting. I was a junior at Troy ... Read more

3 years ago by Jacob Holmes.

Talking religion and politics

As families across America sat down for their Thanksgiving meals Thursday, looking for conversation with relatives they hadn’t seen since the Thanksgiving before, it’s sure ... Read more

4 years ago by Jacob Holmes.

Smart moves on Sunday sales law

The Troy City Council is looking to hold a referendum on Sunday alcohol sales with one very important parameter added in: the sales won’t be ... Read more

5 years ago by Jacob Holmes.

TEF grants great for Troy schools

“Did you know falcons can reach up to 220 miles per hour when they’re diving for their prey?” “Did you know vultures disinfect their wings ... Read more

5 years ago by Jessica Lambeth.

Troy’s publicity is good publicity

Troy’s recent sports success isn’t just good for the university, it is great for the city as well. Earlier this year the Troy football team ... Read more

5 years ago by Jacob Holmes.

Day care regulations a good thing

The Alabama legislature recently passed a bill out of committee that would remove an exemption allowing religiously-affiliated childcare centers from operating under state regulations. At ... Read more

5 years ago by Jacob Holmes.

Troy right to deny solar project

Last week, the Troy City Council and Troy Board of Adjustments effectively squashed Eagle Solar Group’s plans to build a solar farm off of Butter ... Read more

5 years ago by Jacob Holmes.

Eventually the dam will break

During each legislative session, a big deal is made of the state’s ever-increasing problems–  and every session the lawmakers  focus their attention elsewhere. Instead of ... Read more

5 years ago by Jacob Holmes.